Breath of Life Midwifery

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Our Midwives

Primary Midwife

Crystal became a licensed midwife in 2009 after a 5 year apprenticeship. She is an avid supporter of VBAC, family-centered care and informed consent. Crystal is a natural teacher and is working to train midwives throughout the area, especially in under-served areas.

Amanda Bunn

Phase 3 Apprentice

Amanda began her midwifery journey at a Breath of Life Midwifery Birth Assistant Training Workshop in 2014. She was instantly a great fit with the team and became an apprentice 9 months later. She has completed phase 1 and 2 of our midwifery program and received training in fetal positioning, placental anatomy, suturing, shoulder dystocia, neonatal resuscitation, loss & bereavement, postpartum hemorrhage, and venipuncture.

Olivia Moran

Phase 2 Apprentice

Olivia Moran is our Phase 2 Apprentice. Olivia joined our team in March of 2016 after attending the Breath of Life Midwifery Birth Assistant Training Workshop in 2015. Olivia is a firm believer in supporting moms with their birth goals and desires. She is a mother to five beautiful children and knows the value of knowledge and support for the mother-to-be. She is a also a Birth Doula, a student Bereavement Doula, a La Leche League Leader, Childbirth Educator, and a Lactation Educator. We are delighted to have Olivia as a member of our team.