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Frequently Asked Questions


What type of midwife are you?

I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM).  I am licensed through the VA Board of Medicine (BOM) to practice midwifery and am in good standing with both NARM and the BOM.  I am not a nurse; all of my training is specific to midwifery and the childbearing year.  See the midwives model of care for more information.

How do you handle complications?

As a midwife, I was trained that most complications can be prevented.  If I cannot assist you in preventing a complication, I will first treat you naturally and holistically with traditional methods such as nutrition, exercise, herbs, homeopathics, chiropractic, accupuncture, etc.  If an issue can not be resolved this way or warrants immediate response, I may need to my midwifery skills to resolve the issue.  Good examples of this would be a shoulder dystocia, umbilical prolapse, hemorrhage, etc.  In an event of emergent need for medical intervention, if it could not be quickly resolved at home, we would transport to the hospital.  It is important to know that most complications have early signs that can help a midwife correct the issue or transport to a hospital long before mom or baby are distressed.  I have a respectable relationship with the area hospital and transports typically go very smoothly, as I transport with my clients and provide important records to them. 

What is your training/background?

I am a traditional midwife. I trained through a vigorous and extensive 5 year apprenticeship with an experienced homebirth midwife. In addition, I completed 93 credits of Health Science/Nursing classes, with a GPA of 3.6 in my curriculum.  I have attended dozens of peer review workshops and completed training for labor doula, postpartum doula, and childbirth educator certification through DONA and CAPPA. I have certified and recertified in Neonatal Resuscitation, CPR, and First Aid.  I have completed continuing education in various topics including: Building Obstetric Collaboratives, Postpartum Depression, Breastfeeding, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC), Placental Abnormalities, Postpartum Hemorrhage, and much more. I believe that a midwife can NEVER complete her education, as there is always more to learn.  As of 03/2014, I have attended over 150 births, 1,000+ prenatal visits, 500+ postpartum visits, assisted with breastfeeding countless times, and given birth myself three times (twice at home). 

What Equipment do you
bring to the birth?

How much will a homebirth cost?

Cost of care is dependent upon your insurance plan, desires for care, and individual needs. Our basic midwifery care package is only $3500. We are Medicaid providers and are happy to make payment arrangements, barter agreements, and accept credit cards or health savings cards. For more details, click on our payment options link below.

Who do you bring to the birth?

Yes. We will arrange a 3+ person birth team. In addition to myself, at least two apprentices or assistants will accompany me to assist with labor support, charting, clinical skills under supervision, clean up etc. I am a teaching midwife, but client need, safety, and satisfaction always takes priority over teaching.  Apprentices are required to attend doula, homebirth assistant, and neonatal resuscitation training prior to providing any care. They will also build a relationship with each family prenatally by attending prenatal office visits, home visits, childbirth classes, and being a part of all aspects of client care. You always choose who attends your birth.

We Transform Your Home 

Into a Birth Center!

Partial List of Birth Supplies & Equipment Available:

Medical Equipment

    Blood Pressure/Pulse/SPO2 Monitor
      Waterproof Fetal Doppler (for monitoring baby in labor)
              Sterile Pack of Instruments
                Hibiclens & Iodine Solutions
                  Sterile Urinary Catheter Equipment
                    Amnihook (to break water, rarely used)
                      Neonatal Resuscitation Equipment
                      Bag and Mask
                      DeLee and Bulb Suction
                        Non-Sterile Gloves for Basic Care
                          Baby Scale & Tape Measure

                          Birth Kit

                          10 Basic Underpads, 23x24"
                          15 Large Deluxe Underpads, 30x36”
                          5 Gloves, Aloetouch Sterile Singles, Large
                          5 Gloves, Aloetouch Sterile Pairs, Large
                          2 Premium Mesh Panties, choose size
                          2 Plastic Backed Sheet
                          2 Peri Bottles
                          1 Perineal Deluxe Cold Packs
                          1 Perineal Deluxe Warm Packs
                          1 Economy Bulb Syringe, 2 oz
                          1 Newborn Paper Tape Measure, 36”
                          1 Dyna Hex Scrub Brush
                          10 Lubricating Jelly, 3g
                          1 Cord Clamps
                          1 Kleenprint Footprinter
                          1 Plastic Drop Cloth
                          1 Ultrasound Gel, 60 g
                          1 Medline Gauze, Tray of 10, 12 ply
                          2 Gallon Freezer Bags
                          1 Amnicator
                          2 Wash Basins, 6 qt.
                          1 Accutherm Hot/Cold Gel Pack
                          2 Pair of Mesh Postpartum Panties

                          Labor/Birth Support & Alternative Therapies

                          Birth Tub 
                          Birth Stool
                          Birth Ball
                          Hot/Cold Packs
                          Herbal Tinctures
                          Homeopathic Remedies
                          Multiple Well-Trained Experienced Doulas
                          Oral Vitamin K Supplement
                          TENS Unit