Join us for FREE Basic Childbirth Classes

We have designed this project as a community outreach program to educate families in our area about their options and the normal physiology of the childbearing cycle. Classes meet on the first Saturday from 10am-4pm in Feb, April, June, August, October, and December. Classes are potluck style. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to squat, kneel, and move easily.

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Comprehensive Childbirth Class

(12 hrs of instruction) Cost $150 (free for BLM clients)

This is an interactive class focusing on normal birth.

Students will watch normal birth videos, practice birth scenarios, utilize activities that reinforce the information they have learned, and take part in open discussion.  This class combines various techniques that the Bradley, Lamaze, Active Birth, Birthing from Within, and Hypnobirthing Methods utilize in their courses. 

Marialis Rivera

I loved the class. Not only did i learn a lot but got to meet others with the same questions. Crystal makes it fun yet i learned so much. I don't think i would have been as mentally prepared as i was without this class. Plus having Crystal, Wanda, and Savanah there! I will take this class again if i get pregnant again!

Ashley Emma Pack Mills 

I, too, loved this class and felt that it really prepared me (as much as anything can) for my first birth which went smoothly at home with Wanda and Crystal!

Susan Kanini 

These classes were absolutely great! If anything can come close to preparing you for the birthing process, then the classes will. Crystal Mullins Fink is exceedingly knowledgeable in this field. Classes are informative, fun,casual, interactive. Its also a great way to meet other ladies due at around the same time with you and compare notes. Savanah Songer, Crystal and Wanda Smith Midwife are awesome. I highly recommend them and the classes.

Tori Arnold 

This class is amazing!!! Crystal is so knowledgeable and prepares you for what birth is truly like. I used all of the techniques talked about in class during my labor and they worked amazingly! I don't know what I would have done without Crystal's advising. As well as Savanah Songer, my amazing doula. If you have any fears or reservations about birth, take this class. Knowledge is power and the knowledge Crystal shares will put you at ease.